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Attractions in Angus and Dundee

The panoramic view from the Law, the hill around which Dundee is built, provides a spectacular tableau of what awaits our visitors – fine sandy East Coast beaches, unspoilt scenic walking routes in the Angus Glens, links and heathland golf courses, Dundee’s thriving cultural quarter and, throughout the county of Angus, the carved standing stones and other relics of the original inhabitants - the Picts.

Camera Obscura

A Camera Obscura, housed in the cricket pavilion on Kirrie Hill overlooking the Little Red Toon of Kirriemuir in Angus, is one of only three in Scotland. Here you mount a little staircase to a darkened viewing turret. Staring down at a large white saucer, you see projected before you a 360 degree panoramic view of the surrounding Angus Glens, with people and cars moving around in real time. As a boy, the author of Peter Pan, Sir J. M. Barrie, was fascinated by one he saw in Dumfries and it is suspected that this gave him his inspiration for the flying children. In 1930, on the day he was granted the freedom of his birthplace, Kirriemuir, he donated this Camera Obscura to the town. Today’s children (and their parents) can experience the same thrill. Now operated by a dedicated band of volunteers, it is open during the summer months.

B&Bs near the Camera Obscura - Newton Farm, Inverarity, Craigellie House, near Blairgowrie

On the menus at our B and Bs you will find local food such as Dundee cake, Arbroath smokies, Aberdeen Angus beef and fresh fruit from the farms around.

Mills Observatory

The Observatory stands at the summit of Balgay Hill amid a woodland setting, in the City of Dundee - one city, many discoveries. Stars and planets can be viewed through a Victorian telescope in Britain’s first publicly owned, purpose built, observatory. Knowledgeable staff take you on guided tours through the galaxy during planetarium shows.

B&Bs near Mills Observatory - Newton Farm, Inverarity, Tarskavaig Bed and Breakfast by St Andrews, Craigellie House, near Blairgowrie

Dundee Contemporary Arts (DCA)

Built in 1999, is now the hub of Dundee’s cultural area. As the name implies, it houses exhibitions of contemporary artists in every media. Activities designed for public participation; galleries, cinemas, print workshops, shop and research facilities are grouped around a central social space and cafe. This is where you will find the “buzz” created by the myriad of people from students, to artists, cinema aficionados, and those who enjoy good food. Open all day, all year.

B&Bs near Dundee Contemporary Arts - Newton Farm, Inverarity, Tarskavaig Bed and Breakfast by St Andrews, Craigellie House, near Blairgowrie

Brechin Caledonian Railway

With its steam and diesel trains the railway runs on a restored 4 - mile long line between a Victorian terminus station in the centre of Brechin to the country station near the historic House of Dun. At weekends in summer passengers can enjoy the pleasant Angus countryside, while children can have an exciting day out with 'Thomas the Tank Engine' on special days.

B&Bs near Brechin Caledonian Railway - Newton Farm, Inverarity, Craigellie House, near Blairgowrie

Discovery Point and RSS Discovery

Both of these attractions are situated at the waterfront of Dundee. Before boarding Captain Scott’s ship you can enjoy an exhibition with audiovisual shows, computer-based multimedia and displays of the actual artefacts of the crew. Here you will discover amazing facts about Antarctica and the experiences of the brave crew who sailed into the unknown early in the 20th century. Imagine if you had to chip ice off your mattress because it was stuck to the side of your room, well in Antarctica it was so cold that that is exactly what those aboard Discovery had to do! Now you can climb aboard the ship and see for yourself the conditions on a heroic voyage albeit without the cold and the dangers. A visit is a great day out for all the family all year round. A snack or meal in the café is a bonus.

B&Bs near Discovery Point and RSS Discovery - Newton Farm, Inverarity, Tarskavaig Bed and Breakfast by St Andrews, Craigellie House, near Blairgowrie

Dundee Science Centre

Exciting activities are housed in an ultra-modern building near the water front in Dundee. Young and old can enjoy a whole day of interactive exhibits based on the life sciences. Children can explore the senses and especially enjoy crawling through a giant nose. For really young visitors there is a soft play area near the café so parents can enjoy a cup of coffee while keeping an eye on their offspring. Roborealm is an area where older children can challenge the robots. Adults can test their skills on Mindball – using the mind to drive a ball along a straight line. The solar system and computer skills can be explored. Keyhole surgery is a daily show. These are only a few of the activities designed to advance an understanding of science and how it affects our everyday lives. There are enough buttons to press to satisfy anyone’s curiosity. Temporary exhibitions mean that no matter how often you visit there is always more to see and explore. During school holidays special play/learning activities are introduced. There is disabled access and the centre is open daily from 10am to 5pm

B&Bs near Dundee Science Centre - Newton Farm, Inverarity, Tarskavaig Bed and Breakfast by St Andrews

V&A Museum of Design

The exciting V&A Museum of Design Dundee opened on the waterfront in September 2018. The building designed by Japanese architect Kenga Kuma is in itself an innovative and inspiring construction like a ship heading out to sea. It hosts major exhibitions, celebrates Scotland's design heritage and promotes contemporary talent to encourage design innovation for the future. Free admission (payment required to access special exhibition section).

B&Bs near V&A Museum of Design - Newton Farm, Inverarity, Tarskavaig Bed and Breakfast by St Andrews, Craigellie House, near Blairgowrie

The Bothy Experience

The Bothy Experience is situated in the grounds of Glamis Castle in the former Angus Folk Museum building. Shop and tastings with the team at The Gin Bothy.

B&Bs near The Bothy Experience - Newton Farm, Inverarity, Craigellie House, near Blairgowrie

Arbikie Distillery

Arbikie Distillery can be found on Drumbertnot Farm near Lunan in Angus. Learn how they distill crops from this family-owned working farm to produce gin and vodka. The distillery is also producing the world's only Rye Scotch Whisky. Open 5 days a week, this attraction offers distillery tours, shop, cocktail bar and cafe - booking is advised.

B&Bs near Arbikie Distillery - Newton Farm, Inverarity, Craigellie House, near Blairgowrie

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