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By Car

Driving in Scotland

Travelling by car gives you the freedom and flexibility to holiday in Scotland at your own pace and follow your own itinerary to reach all the well known parts of Scotland as well as some of the more remote locations.

On the whole, the roads in Scotland are well maintained and offer a good driving experience.

  • Driving on the left – You should normally drive on the left hand side of the road and that is the same in the rest of the UK as well as Scotland. At roundabouts, you look to the right and give way to vehicles from the right. At junctions, you should look to right and left and right again before pulling out.
  • Single Track Roads – You are likely to encounter single track roads in the more remote areas of Scotland. There are fairly frequent passing places on these roads and you should drive a little slower and have regard to other vehicles coming the other way. 

Your B&B host will be happy to give you directions and the benefit of their local knowledge, just ask

  • Roundabouts – You will encounter roundabouts in many cities and towns, across Scotland. They are relatively simple to use; you give way to vehicles coming from your right and you always turn left as you enter a roundabout. It is helpful to use your directional indicators when entering and exiting roundabouts.
  • Speed Limits – Most villages and all towns and cities have speed limits. The normal speed limit is generally 30 mph but sometimes 40mph. Outside many schools the speed limit is 20mph across Scotland, when lights are flashing. On normal roads, the maximum speed limit is 60mph and on dual carriageways (two lanes in each direction) and motorways, it is 70 mph.
  • Useful websites: Traffic Scotland has up to date information on the trunk road and motorway network for motorists including weather warnings, road works and road/bridge closures. Road Safety Scotland has information about how to drive in the UK.
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