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Add colour and beauty to your holiday by exploring the great gardens of Scotland.

Scottish gardens are renowned for their lushness and their fantastic variety of planting. It was in the Victorian era that intrepid plant hunters visited unexplored regions of the world, such as China, Japan and the Himalayas and brought back seeds, cuttings and specimens of plants which were previously unknown in Britain. These adventurous and daring men are remembered through the many plant species which bear their names: Forrest, Douglas, Fortune, Menzies, Wilson etc.

Wealthy patrons were desperate to be the first to grow the new species in their private gardens, often around castles and mansions. Today many of these spectacular gardens are open to visitors who come to admire and enjoy, not just the plants themselves, but also the skill in creating and caring for these beautiful gardens.

On the west coast, the Gulf Stream brings warm, moist currents of air which maintains a largely frost-free climate. This has enabled the growth of exotic plant species - even palm trees - and rhododendrons and azaleas which particularly thrive in these conditions. However, shelter belts of trees have had to be grown to give protection from strong winds. In the east, the cooler climate favours hardier plants and more native species.

All of our recommended B&Bs have gardens or outdoor seating for you to enjoy

Scotland’s Garden Scheme is a registered charity, originally created in 1931 and organises the opening of large and small gardens of horticultural interest throughout the country to visitors. The gardens that open for the SGS include some of Scotland’s finest and are mostly privately owned and so are normally inaccessible to visitors at other times. Ask your bed and breakfast host for details of local gardens that may be open on selected days, usually during the spring and summer.

Enjoy your visit!

Add colour and beauty to your holiday by exploring the great gardens of Scotland.

Gardens in Aberdeen, Grampian and Moray

Gardens in Angus and Dundee

Gardens in Argyll, The Isles, Loch Lomond, Stirling and The Forth Valley

Gardens in Ayrshire and Arran

Gardens in The Borders

Gardens in Dumfries and Galloway

Gardens in Edinburgh and Lothians

Gardens in Glasgow, The Clyde Valley and Lanarkshire

Gardens in The Highlands and Isle of Skye

Gardens in The Kingdom Fife

Gardens in Perthshire

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